St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1788 - 1790

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Image 26 of 12322nd April 1789

36 Susannah Harrison< no role > s d
1788 to 1789
Relief at sundry times as Pr. M.Bk 9.6.6
Cash at sundry times for Clothing as P.D18
1788 May 221 pair of Shoes2.8
1 Pair of Stockings1..9
June 5Clothing as Pr. Phillips Bill1..17.5
1 Pair of Stockings1..9
Sept. 261 PairDo1..6
1 Pair of Shoes2.8
29Coach, & Expences at Guy's as
Pr. Phillips's Bill}16.11
Decr. 4Sundry clothing as Pr. Do1.18.7
105 days Maintenance to this day2.11
Expences at Guy's as Pr. Do9.11
1789 Feb.21 Pair of Stockings1.6
March 24 Yd. of whill Bays8
May 1 1 Yd of P due flannel2.3

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