St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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paid at Chigwell as P bill attested4-1-0
July 4 pd & given to the nurse P order of the Overseers & her maide & Boy1-1-6
pd expences on parish business at times0-4-0
pd the ringerson King Charles Victory in Spain 0-15-0
pd for removeing the table of the Fees from the north to the south side of ye church
for hooks Etc
pd for a Sumons & other Charges in endeavouring to remove a porter who
would have put himself on the parish & goeing to ye Recorder for hip Opinion} 0-7-8
Augt. 17 paid one quarters rent for Hedges P order of ye Overseers as P receipt0-10-0
pd Ringers for ringing for ye takeing Bethune0-15-0
pd expences in placeing severall Inhabitants0-2-0
pd for keeping a Child & clearing ye parish of it0-15-0
24 pd expences at Severall times0-4-6
pd for goeing into Southwarke Kent Street Etc severall times to enquire after
Cotesworth man who had passed his Child on the parish } 0-10-0
Sept.1st pd & disburst on parish business0-4-6
pd goeing to Ware & letting a lease to Bones1-17-0
pd for a Coffin & Shroud to Curds Child & money Etc0-12-6
pd for ringing for King Charles Victory< no role > This name instance is in set 1526. in Spain 0-15-0
pd mending 2 prayers books0-3-6
pd for a sacks of Coles for Mrs Bettle0-4-6
pd Mr Ingram for searching after Cotesworths man0-1-0
pd the mother for nurseing of Briggs0-5-0
pd & expended abt Pish business0-3-0
pd ye mother for keeping & burying of Briggs0-8-0
pd & expended with ye Overseers after giving away ye Dors Guift0-3-3
29 pd for ye Lamps for ye Church0-12-0
pd & expended with ye Overseers abt Pish business0-8-0
pd abt. clearing the parish of a Child dropt0-5-0
pd abt. parish business0-1-6
pd Mr Foxes 2 bills as in ye receipt book9- [..] -10
pd nurseing the Children at Chigwell as P receipt in book7-10-10
pd for sumons for Hedges abt. abatemt of rent0-2-0
pd the Bellhanger for mending ye Bells as P rect in book0-10-6
pd & expended with ye Overseers upon sealing Bones Leases of Hartford0-12-0
pd ye ringers ye 4th. 5th & 7th November2-5-0
pd Tylers Wife being passed on the parish0-2-0

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