St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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Disburst abt. Mrs Martin0-12-6
March 20 Given away to the Poor of this Parish left by Esqr . Turner 10-0-0
21 More given away to the poor on Mannday Thursday6-0-0
Disburst to the workmen that put up the Frame in the Church0-3-0
paid for Charcole as P receipt1-0-2
28 paid to Mrs Fox as p receipt2-8-6
1706 Paid for Welbourne Child Nurse as P rect.0-14-10
Expences on Mr Brockley0-1-2
paid Mr Rawlinson as P rect.1-17-0
Disbursements paid by Ingram in my Abscute0-13-1
Paid for Hannah Dionys for 3 weeks Dyett when she was on
likeing to a Taylor
Expences abt. a Child that was passed from White Chapple 0-5-6
Expences on Mr Robertson when he paid his Fine0-4-6
The Beadle of armourers Company for bringing Mrs Tindall
Paid Miles Whiskin< no role > for cleaning the Church plate P rect.0-1-6
Expences when p recd. the Fars Fines0-2-6
paid Mr Tirrell the Tallowchandler as P rect4-1-0
Paid the Plummer as P rect.4-5-0
Paid Mr Tewlley for bread as P rect3-12-0
paid the Glazier as P rect0-4-0
Expences on Mr Warman0-0-6
Expences about the Ordering of Dr. Gafford guift0-1-0
Paid Mr Quartermain as P receipt3-0-0
Paid Mr Paine as P rect5-0-0
Expences with the Collectors0-3-0
paid the Mason as P rect.1-0-0
for a dozen and half of Badges for the Pentioners0-12-0
paid for the rent of Mr. Michell Almhouse0-3-8
paid the Painter as P Bill12-3-0
Paid Mr. Powell the Foyner as P Bill9-11-5
Paid Mr Whinyard Bill7-6-10
Paid Mr. Rawlinsons Bill8-6-0

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