Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Image 203 of 2523rd May 1709

The 3d of May 1709 being Court day


Mr Freeman Mastr

Mr Calcutt
Mr Andrews
Mr Rickward

Mr Warren
Mr Foltrop
Mr Norman
Mr Ransford
Mr Lockwood
Mr Howes
Jeremy Bowers
Mr Jordan


of Mr Thomas Arlidge< no role > for Quartridge00 18 8
of Mr Benjn Osgood< no role > for Quartridge00:14 8
of Mr Edd Savill< no role > for Quartridge00 2 8
of Mr Joseph Bower< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. for Quartridge00 4 0
of Mr Tho: Dawson< no role > for Quartridge00 10 8
of Mr Joseph Reeves< no role > for Quartridge00 08 0
of Mr John Hopkins< no role > for Quartridge00 08 0

Martin to Hopkins

Consented that John Martin< no role > the late Apprentice
of Wm Martin< no role > be turned over to John Hopkins< no role >


of Mr John Barnes< no role > for Quartridge0 10 8

Pearson to Barnes

Consented that Peter Pearson< no role > the Apprentice of
Wm Fisher< no role > be turned over to John Barnes< no role >


of Mr Johnathan Ashwell< no role > for Q:0 8 0
of Mr John Dobson< no role > for Q0 2 0
of Mr Joseph Compton< no role > for Q0 14 0


Ordered that John Saxby< no role > and Owen Munsey< no role >
be Prsented to the Marchantaylers [..] Compy

Grant to Staggers

Consented that Henry Grant< no role > be turned over to
James Staggers< no role > Citizen & Blacksmith

Ridler to Dawson

Samll. Ridler< no role > Sonne of Wm Ridler< no role > late of Brawley in the County
of Gloster laborer bound to Thos Dawson< no role > for 7 yrs

Kinch to Arlidg

John Kinch< no role > Sonne of Richard Kinch< no role > of the Parish of St
Andrews Holborne London Distiller Bound to Thomas
< no role > for 7 yrs

Underwood to Osgood

John Underwood< no role > Sonne of George Underwood< no role > of the Parish
of [..] street [..] London Iron Monger Bound to Benjamen
< no role > for 7 yrs

Parker to Osgood

John Parker< no role > Sonne of Edward Parker< no role > of the Parish of
Shoreditch London Weaver Bound to Benjamin Osgood< no role >
for 7 yrs

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