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2nd March 1686 - 2nd June 1741

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Image 183 of 2854th December 1739

Court day December the 4th 1739 .


Col John Williams< no role > Master

Mr. Thos. Haddon< no role >
Mr. Nathl. Benbridge< no role >
Mr. John Brookes< no role >

Mr. Saml. Boughton< no role > Mr. Richd. Norman< no role > Mr. James Brittan< no role > Mr. Situs Horton< no role >
Mr. Thos. Willmor< no role > John James< no role > Esqr .Mr. John Prater< no role > Thos. Ripley< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Edward Bowcher< no role > John Meard< no role > Esqr .Major Benj. Osgood< no role > Mr. Geo: Newland< no role >
Mr. Mathew Deane< no role > Mr Saml. Burgin< no role > Mr. Nathl. Ward< no role > Mr. Robt. Plimpton< no role >
Mr. Saml. Hawkins< no role >

Minutes for the Master this Court

Wm. Leaper< no role > bound to Wm. Bigg< no role > Cons 21 Q 1s.4d


Thos. Hart< no role > Son of Mathew Hart< no role > of Buckshill in the County of
Hertford Husbandman bound to James armson< no role > Cit & Car & by
Ann< no role > his Widow & exex, made free & pd. her they bonds Qrtridge 12s:8d
to her Furbuds doth 3s:4d Noninrolmt


George Phillips< no role > bound to John Buckmaster< no role > Cons 6.
Q. 2s.


Richd. Circuitt< no role > Son of Richd. Circuitt< no role > of Woburne in the Count of Bedford Yeoman bound to Wm. Read< no role > & by his sd Master
made free & Q [..]


Thos. Barnard< no role > Son of Thos. Barnard< no role > bound to his sd. further & by
Mary Barnard< no role > his Mother made free.

Charles Chandler< no role > Son of Saml. Chandler< no role > of Wanstead in the
County of Esex Mason bound to Antho Child< no role > & by sd. Child
made free & pd. 3s.6d Q}


To Write to Mr. Roaker to acquaint him that if he does not
let the Poor Men have some wood at the Hospital Ihave order
to file a Nill in & Chavery agt. him to all him to an Accot further [..]
Wood he he [..] had S [..] by Lease

Ordered that the Cl do waite on Mr. Michell the according for his Bill
touching his prosecuting and coll Mariya

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