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3rd May 1757 - 5th December 1786

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Image 130 of 4695th June 1764

At a Court of Assistants held at Carpenters
Hall on Tuesday the 5th. day of June 1764

PresentMr. Pullen
Mr. Bigg
Mr. Read

Mr. PriceMr. MasonMr. JuppMr. Holden
Mr. FungeMr. DermerMr. OliverMr. Day.

William Smith< no role > Paid his Quarteridge to Ladyday0..2..6
Lewis Higden< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0..2..6
James Hancock< no role > Paid Do. to Do.1..0..6
Thomas Lawrence< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0..5..0
James Swinton< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0..4..4
Joseph Gribble< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0..4..0

Rennell to Smith

Robert Rennell< no role > Son of Richard Rennell< no role > late of the Minories London Broker
bound to Wm. Smith< no role > Citizen and Carpr . Consn 5 Charity Money Given by
the Governors of Christ Hospital .

Trott to Higden

Wm. Trott< no role > Son of John Trott< no role > of the Parish of Saint Hackney Com Middx
Peruke maker bound to Lewis Higdon< no role > Cit and Carpenter Consn 10.

Bennett to Hancock

Wm. Bennett< no role > Son of Wm. Bennett< no role > late of Saint George Hanover Square Butcher deced
bound to James Hancock< no role > Cit. and Carpr . Consn Nil.

Lawrence to Lawrence

Thomas Lawrence< no role > to Thomas Lawrence< no role > his Father Cit and Carpr . Consn Nil

Martyr to Swinton

Richard Martyr< no role > Son of Joseph Martyr< no role > late of Greenwich Com Kent Joyner
deced bound to James Swinton< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of London Consn Nil

Worman Harfield to Gribble

Wm. Worman Horfield< no role > Son of Horfield of the Parish of Giles in the Fields Com
Middx Carpr. deced bound to Joseph Gribble< no role > Cit. and Carpr . Consn 20


Thomas Sadler< no role > Son of Richard Sadler< no role > Cit and Carpr . of London made Free by

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