St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

14th April 1766 - 17th February 1804

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Image 536 of 65215th February 1799

Saint Botolph Aldgate London

At a Vestry held at the said Parish
Workhouse on Friday the 15th. day of
february 1799 .

PresentMr. James Elisha< no role >
Mr. George Brand< no role > } Churchwardens

Mr. Robert Sugden< no role >
Mr. Richard Parrish< no role >
Mr. Thomas Smith< no role >
Mr. William Walker< no role >
Mr. William Huox
Overseers of the Poor.

Mr. Thomas Tucker< no role > Mr. Samuel Osborn< no role > Mr. Silvester Lowden< no role >
Mr. John Smith< no role > Mr. Robert Carter< no role > Mr. John Thompson< no role >
Mr. Samuel Burton< no role > Mr. William Jackson< no role > Mr. Benjamin Curtis< no role >
Mr. John Rea< no role > Mr. John Bride< no role > Mr. James Jackson< no role >
Mr. William Coles< no role > Mr. Philip Thompson< no role > Mr. Edward Colebatch< no role >
Mr. Joseph Batho< no role > Mr. John Hadfield< no role > Mr. Thomas Wontner

At this Vestry the Accounts of Mr. Thomas Wontner
Upper Churchwarden of the said Parish for the Year one
thousand seven hundred and ninety seven were examined
and Audited And it thereby appears that he has
received the Sum of Four thousand nine hundred and
eighty three pounds five shillings and eleven pence
farthing and paid and disbursed the Sum of Five
thousand and ninety two pounds three shillings and
eight pence half penny so that there is a Ballance due
from the Parish to him of the Sum of One hundred and
eight pounds seventeen shillings and nine pence

Mr. Samuel Osborn< no role > and Mr. Robert Carter< no role > were
requested by the Vestry to prepare the Abstracts

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