St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1759 - 1778

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By Disbursements for Kings TaxFo.412 9 10
By Ditto for Donations428 3 4
By Ditto for Sundrys5380 17 8
By Ditto6363 2 11
By Ditto7702 12 10
By Ditto8124 14 2
1612 0 10
Due to Ballance 287 7 3
1899 8 2

13th May 1762

This Account was this Day auditted examined allowed and approved of And it there by appears that the
Accountant Mr. Thomas Burnell< no role > has received the Sum of one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine
Pounds eight Shillings and two pence And that he has paid allowed and disbursed the Sum of one thousand
Six hundred and twelve Pounds and ten pence three farthings So that there remains due from the
Accountant to the Parish to Ballance the Sum of two hundred and eighty Seven Pounds Seven Shillings and
three pence farthing which is hereby ordered to be paid over to Mr. John Griffrith< no role > late Upper Churchwarden for
the Use of the Parish And the same was Paid Over Accordingly.

Robert Huntington< no role > This name instance is in a workspace.
Thomas Sabe< no role >

Philip Grafton< no role >
Richard Wilson< no role >
John Piston< no role >
John Brazier< no role >
Stephen Flower< no role >
Joseph Winwood< no role >
Roger Curtis< no role >
Whitbread Vokins
Joseph Buckmaster< no role >

Francis Smith< no role >
Peter Feather< no role >
Richard Clark< no role >
Robert Harding< no role >
Selh Avis< no role >
John Griffith< no role >
Francis Hawes< no role >
William Cooper< no role >

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