St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1759 - 1778

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By Disbursements for Kings Tax Etc.13..11..8
By Ditto for Donations28..3..4
By Ditto for Sundries300..4..8
By Ditto441..5..1
By Ditto518..7..3
By Ditto191..11..-
Due to the Parish to Ballance 216..17..3

February 26th 1761

This Account was this day audited examined allowed and approved of and it thereby appears that the
Accountant Mr. Roger Curtis< no role > has received the Sum of One Thousand Seven hundred and ten Pounds and three pence
Farthing and that he has paid and disbursed the Sum of One Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety three Pounds
three Shillings and One Farthing so that there remains due from him to the Parish to ballance the Sum of Two
hundred and Sixteen Pounds Seventeen Shillings and three pence which is hereby ordered to be paid over to
Mr. Thomas Burnell< no role > the present Upper Churchwarden for the use of the Parish and the same was paid over accordingly

Thomas Burnell< no role >
John Griffith< no role > } Churchwarden

Fra.Hawes< no role >
Whild. Voknis< no role >
Stephen Flower< no role >
Jas Wealthdalle
Richd Clarke< no role >
John Lane< no role >
Gilbt Ford< no role >
Wm. Rogers< no role >

Benjn. Tarrant< no role >
Peter Feather< no role >
Thos. Sale< no role >
John Forbes< no role >
John Pistor< no role >
Jos: Buckmaster< no role >
Edwd. Roberts< no role >

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