St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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John Fawcett< no role > Upper Church-Warden Anno Domini 1733 Dr

£ S

To Cash P Wards RentsFol 15188..17.. [..]
To Do. P DonationsDo.41..13. [..]
To Do. P Moneys arising upon AuditingDo.8..1.. [..]
To Do. P Communion Money and CoalsDo.20..16. [..]
To Do. P Fines1680..-
To Do. P Conviction MoneyDo.10..14.. [..]
£350..2.. [..]
224..3. [..]

To the Ballance appears to be due from this Accountt. £125..9..2½
To Expences as appears by two Bills not charged..17..9 350..2 [..]
To Cash the Neat Ballance in Mr. Fawcetts Hands£125..1..5½

This Account was Audited and approved of this 20th. Day of March 1734 And there
appears to be due to the Freedom part of the Parish from the said John Fawcett< no role > the
Sume of One hundred twenty five pounds are Shilling and five pence half penny


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Mr. Thomas Ackland< no role > } Church-Wardens

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Mr. James Rochester< no role > Mr. John Blake< no role > Mr. Elias Collett< no role >
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