St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements P Sundry's continued

£ S

Expended at the three Kings receiving Mr Garfords Gift- 8.. [..]

Expended at the Pye Tavern when the Alderman came to the Vestry in order to oblidge
the People to pay the poors Rate} -..4.. [..]

To Mrs Lyon to buy her Towells to go to Work her Husband being gon to Sea and left
two Children} -..5 [..]

To Thos. Groves< no role > one Years Sallary for taking Care of the Engine2..- -

Expended at the Crown Tavern Sumoning the Inhabitants of that Precinct in order
to serve or Fine for Overseer or Church Warden} -..13 [..]

Expended at the Crown Tavern on Mr Ridley, receiving Mr. Says Gift and looking
over the Writings of Croydon Estate} -..3..1 [..]

Expended at the Hoop Tavern sumoning the Inhabitants of that precinct in order
to serve of Fine for Overseer or Church. Warden} -..10.. [..]

Expenses going to View the House at Croydon2..9..4 [..]
To the five Warders for their Quarters Sallary1..5.. [..]
To the Bearers for carrying Cath: Burton-..2.. [..]
Expended on the Trustees of Mr. Garfords Gift paying the said Nobles-..6..4 [..]
Expended at Mr Moseleys to Birding there Cotto. Williams, Mr. Littler, Mr Wilson [..] -..7..6 [..]
Distributed Esqr Garfords Gift amongst Twenty poor House keepers being£6..13..4 [..]
Expended at the Bell Tavern receiving Mr Lovells Fine for Overseer and C-Warden -..2.. [..]

Expended on the Church-Wardens and Vestry Clerk of Cripplegate Parish when lodged
an Appeal against me for passing one Mrs Elliott which She and her Brother swore
falsly to the Rent which their Father paid in the said Parish
1..4..2 [..]

To Thos: Groves< no role > for his Expenses in receiving Mr Crowders Rent-..1 [..]
To Mr. Hickford for Ground Rent for the School house Due Lady day last25 - [..]

To Mrs. Manwarring being brought to bed of a dead Child her Husband being ran
away and left her in a poor Condition} -..5 [..]

To Expenses at Mr. Jollys1..10..5 [..]
To Provision bought by Thos. Groves< no role > to carry to Stratford -..12.. [..]

To Expenses at the Crown Tavern receiving Mr. Lows Fine with other Gent
a Birding} -..15..9 [..]

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