Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 139 of 50013th March 1691

Mary Kemm< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. by Warrt of Sr Wm Turner< no role > charged by mr
Eagles field for being a Comon Nightwalker taken
late in ye night in ye Streets Etc:

Mary Harris< no role > (an old Prisonr)

Eliz: Tyler< no role > -(an old Prisonr )
To Labr


At this Court the Several Persons following were
nominated to be Governors of these Hospll Vizt

mr Daniell Peacock< no role > Citizen & Staconer of Lond P mr Morgan
mr Simon Willmott< no role > Leather sellerP mr Turvin
mr John Wing< no role > Citizen & ScirvenerP mr West
mr Thomas Hulbert< no role > Upholsterer P mr Merry
mr Depty Watts MercerP mr Wilkinson

mr. Sutton
his bond to be dd
& ye. Bill referred
to ye Comittee}

Also Upon the humble Peticon of mr John Sutton< no role > (who was one
of the Security for the late Matron Katherine Hubbard< no role > to
have his Bond delivered up And for the payment of a
Bill of prtended Disbursements for this Hospll by the Said late
Matron (his Sister) This Court Doe think fitt that the Said Bond
be delivered up to the Said mr Sutton And the Same is delivered
to him accordingly in Court. And As to the Said Bill It is
Referred to the Comittee of the Hospll of Bridewell to
Inquire into it, and Report their Opinions thereof to the Court

mr. Godman
to have a Lease
of the House and
Yard near King
Edward Staires}

Also Upon the humble peticon of Francis Godman< no role > Timber Seller
for a Lease of a little house and Yard near King Edwards Staires
which he held of mrs Hame at 12th P ann Rent (mrs Hames Lease
being expired and she dead) It is Ordered by this Court That
the Said Francis Godman< no role > paying Twentye pounds as a Fine
[..] Shall have a Lease of
the Said house and Yard At the yearelye Rent of twelve
pounds for the Terme of One and twentye yeares to comence
from Lady day next, with the now usuall Covents in ye Sd Hosplls
Leases. with which the Said Francis Godman< no role > being made
acquainted Did thank fully Accept the Same.

mr. Cooks Pposall
to be considered
by the Court}

As to the Prosposall of mr James Cook< no role > for taking a Shedd late
in the holding of mrs Oxley to build This Court will Consider
further thereof.

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