Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

14th October 1730

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Mary Hall , alias Stanley, alias Sullivan proceedingsdefend , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Pair of Diamond Ear-Rings, value 25 l. from the Person of Matth.ias Knegg proceedingsvictim , and Mary Harvey , alias Machieg proceedingsdefend This name instance is in set 1520. , and Isabel Eaton , alias Gwin proceedingsdefend This name instance is in set 3014. , for receiving and harbouring the said Mary Sullivan < no role > , and receiving the said Goods, knowing them to be stolen .

John Vanderwest < no role > depos'd, That about 2, 3, or 4 Months ago, he could not be certain as to the time he was with the said Matthias Knegg < no role > at Mrs. Eaton's at the Crown Tavern , and that he pull'd out a Pair of Diamond Ear Rings, and they were put into Mrs. Eaton's Ears, but the said Matthias Knegg had them again, and he put them into his Breeches Pocket; that Mary Sullivan < no role > was there, and went into a private Room with him, and when he came out again, he said, he had been Robbed by her of his Rings, that Sullivan being too quick for them, got away, and he got a Warrant from Justice Lambert to take her up; that Matthias Knegg < no role > went several times to have got the Rings again, but could not meet with Sullivan, she absconding .

Mary Watson < no role > depos'd, That Sullivan was Lock'd up in Mary Harvey < no role > This name instance is in set 1520. 's House, and that the German, Matthias Knegg, came several times about the Rings, and that Harvey said he should have them again for ten Guineas; that she attending upon Sullivan, as she was walking about the Room, she held out her Fingers, saying, had she but the Money that she had div'd with them Fingers, she would soon leave England; but of all the Pockets that ever she had picked, she had met with name like the German's, for he had knocks in them that had even her Fingers; and that Sullivan said she wished Moll Harvey was at the Devil, because she did not deliver the Ear-rings, that she might have her, Liberty.

Jacob Lebat < no role > desired that Mr. Knegg should take up Sullivan for stealing his Ear-rings by a Warrant from Justice Lambert; but Mary Harvey < no role > This name instance is in set 1520. came with a Mob, and rescued her: The Prisoners denied the Fact, and called some Evidences, who depos'd, that the Prisoner had given the Ear-rings to Mary Sullivan < no role > , upon which the Jury acquitted the Prisoners.

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