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<p n="84"> ders being ten Shillings) are of Opinion that<lb></lb>
such Practices, may subject this County to<lb></lb>
most gross Impositions, for if a Fraudulent<lb></lb>
Collusion be between the Constable who<lb></lb>
delivers, and him that receives Vagrants, the<lb></lb>
Expence to the County may be carried to<lb></lb>
dangerous Lengths, as the Passes themselves<lb></lb>
are the only Check to Imposition.</p>
<p n="85">Your Committee are obliged to ob-<lb></lb>
serve, that some of the Orders which have<lb></lb>
been produced before them, are so de-<lb></lb>
fective in Form, that your Committee are<lb></lb>
not able to judge whether the Sums upon<lb></lb>
such Orders, are what ought to be charged<lb></lb>
upon the County, as they do not mention<lb></lb>
the Places such Vagabonds were conveyed<lb></lb>
from, others for paying the Reward to the<lb></lb>
Apprehenders of Vagabonds, are not under<lb></lb>
Hand and Seal, as by the Statute directed,<lb></lb>
neither has that Part of the Act of Parlia-<lb></lb>
ment, which requires that Duplicates of the<lb></lb>
Pass and Examinations be return'd to Sessions<lb></lb>
been in General observ'd and complied with.</p>
<p n="86">The Committee find 711 Orders for<lb></lb>
passing Vagabonds less the last, then the<lb></lb>
preceding Year, which your Committee ap-<lb></lb>
prehend may justly be ascribed to the said<lb></lb>
Order of Sessions, having put an effectual<lb></lb>
Stop to the granting Vagrant Passes for<lb></lb>
Casual Poor, where no Act of Vagrancy had<lb></lb>
been committed.</p>
<p n="87">The</p>
<p n="88">The Difference between the Orders<lb></lb>
for paying Rewards for apprehending Va-<lb></lb>
gabonds for the Year preceding the said Or-<lb></lb>
der of Sessions, and the Year the said Order<lb></lb>
took Place is in Favour of the last Year 178.<lb></lb>
2s.6d, which your Committee think may<lb></lb>
also be justly ascribed to the Cautions given<lb></lb>
in this Respect, in the said Order of Sessions,<lb></lb>
and this Saving, as hath been observed, would<lb></lb>
have been more considerable, had every Ma-<lb></lb>
gistrate paid that Difference to those Cau-<lb></lb>
tions which the Interest of the County, and<lb></lb>
Decency to the Sessions demanded; and your<lb></lb>
Committee are of Opinion, that if any Ma-<lb></lb>
gistrate will take the Advantage of the<lb></lb>
Power given him by the Statute of the 17th.<lb></lb>
of the King to the Injury of the County, it<lb></lb>
ought to be demanded of him to shew that<lb></lb>
such Vagabonds were dealt with, as the said<lb></lb>
Statute directs, and that Duplicates of the<lb></lb>
Passes and Examinations of such Vagabonds<lb></lb>
on whose Account such Orders are issued,<lb></lb>
are regularly returned to Sessions, as proper<lb></lb>
Vouchers for such Money. By which<lb></lb>
Means also incorrigible Rogues would be<lb></lb>
more easily Convicted, because when such<lb></lb>
Duplicates are regularly returned to Sessions,<lb></lb>
as the said Statute positively requires; and<lb></lb>
the Order of Sessions so strongly recom-<lb></lb>
mends such Returns, would be Records to<lb></lb>

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