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<p n="50"> <obscured></obscured>
nn Eates Pentioner <lb></lb>
26 Gown up Coatt <lb></lb>
two ApronsW 1.5..6<lb></lb>
y 4 ShoesE 2.10</p>
<p n="51">Weekly Pention</p>
<p n="52"> <obscured></obscured>
Feby. 17 Gave her Expr. Burying Child-..10..6<lb></lb>
NB she had 1..11..6 for 21 Weeks 10 Novr. at 1/6 will be out 23 March 1..11..6<lb></lb>
25 May from 10 Novr. 28 Weeks at 1/6 pr do2..2<lb></lb>
so her weekly pay commces from that day</p>

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