Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

4th December 1728

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Paul Kerney proceedingsdefend This name instance is in set 356. , was indicted for a Misdemeanor, in forging, counterfeiting, and publishing a false Bill of Lading, subscribed Thomas Jackson proceedingsvictim , of the Ship call'd the Sea-Horse, purporting, That he had in the said Ship, 1050 Ounces of Gold, in Pieces of Eight; by which counterfeit Bill of Lading, he defrauded Joseph Hall proceedingsvictim of the Sum of 200 l. on the 16th of August last, by borrowing the said Sum of Money of him, on the Credit of the aforesaid forged counterfeit and false Bill of Lading .

After the Council for the Prosecutor had opened to the Court the Heinousness of the Crime, and the Methods the Prisoner had taken to abuse the Credulity and good Nature of Mr. Hall, pretending he was a Spanish Merchant, and had great Effects abroad, tho' in Reality he was no other than an idle Person.

Mr. Hall depos'd, That he hapned to lodge in the same House with the Prisoner, who ask'd him to lend him Money, which he said he would readily do, upon good Security; the Prisoner then shew'd him this Bill of Lading, and insinuated himself so far into his Affections, that he told him, if this Gold was insur'd, he would freely lend him the 200 l. he desired; upon which Kerney, tho' it was but a counterfeit Bill of Lading, had his pretended Effects, in the Sea-Horse, insur'd, and brought Mr. Hall the Policy, who immediately lent him the 200 Pounds, upon a promissary Note, and the Obligation of the Bill of Lading; but Kerney trifling in his Promises and Accounts, which he gave Mr. Hall, occasion'd him to look narrowly into the Affair, when he found it all a Cheat and Delusion, and charging Kerney with it, he left his Lodgings the same Night, and absconded; but Mr. Hall being industrious in his Inquiries after him, heard he was gone to Tunbridge, to take his Pleasure, and going their in Pursuit of him, found him at the Beggars Opera.

The sham Bill of Lading was read in Court, dated from Calis, and sign'd Thomas Jackson Commander < no role > , with promise to deliver Paul Kerney < no role > This name instance is in set 356356. , as his own proper Right, 1050 Ounces of Gold, so soon as the Ship Sea-Horse, then mooring at Calis, should arrive in the Port of London, he paying the Freight.

Several Gentlemen, who were acquainted with Captain Thomas Jackson < no role > 's Hand-Writing, depos'd, That this pretended Bill of Lading, was not of his drawing up, it not having any Resemblance with his Writing. It further appear'd to the Disgrace of the Prisoner, That not contented with imposing on Mr. Hall, in deluding him out of 200 l. but he had the Assurance to ask for a hundred Pounds more, which Mr. Hall lent him, tho' this hundred Pounds was not mentioned in the Indictment. He told a tedious Tale in his Defence, but to very little Effect; for he could neither alledge one Truth in his Vindication, nor shew a single Circumstance which might serve to mitigate his Crime, the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment.

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