St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

8th June 1725 - 2nd October 1733

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October the 5th. 1727
A Vestry Prsent

Mr. Richd. Guest< no role >
Mr. John Thorpe< no role > }Ch: Wardens


Mr. Robt. Ayre< no role >


Mr. James Gronous< no role >
Mr. Francis Cremer< no role >
Mr Samll. Cobley< no role >
Mr Edwd. Withers< no role >


Mr John Ryme< no role >
Mr Edmd. Beddingfeild< no role >
Mr Thos. Pyke< no role >
Mr James Castle< no role >
Mr. Wm. Brind< no role >
Mr Geo: Tilsley< no role >

Gone Mr. Thos. Sams< no role >
the poor

Then read & Auditted the Church Wardens Accots for Buryalls for the
Month ofofSeptember last Amounting to the Sume of20:2:2

The Rept. of the Comittee appointed to Exec & state the of Accots. Debts and
Reverends of this parish Dated the 30th. of October 1723 delivered into
this board this day by Mr Francis Cremer< no role > late upper Church Warden
of this Pish & deposited in the hands of Mr Richd. Guest< no role > the Prsent Upper
Church Warden

Mr. Gronous now proposed that when any Question is putt by this board
that the Names of the Psons for & agt. the Quson be distinguished

Resolved Nemine Contradicente that when any Quson is putt by this Board
that the Names of the Psons for & agt. the Quson be distinguished who are for
the Quson & who are agt. it

A Letter from Mr Wm. Harker directed to Mr Cremer dated this day praying
paymt. of his money due from this Pish part of Mr Crookes money Read
A Letter dated the 3d. of this month from Richd. Clarke directed to Mr Ch: Warden
Guest praying paymt. of 50 due to him part of Mr Crooke money read

The Qson putt by the upper Church Warden whethr. the Rate for the Scavengrs.
for the Dutchy Libty & Westmr Libty be as last yeare Vizt. for the Dutchy 2d.
P & for Westmr Libty 7 P rents

Resolved [..] Nemine Contradicente that the Dutchy rate to 2d P etc Westmr.
3 P rents.

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