St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

13th July 1787 - 6th August 1795

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Image 129 of 35615th January 1790

Saint Clement Danes .
15th: Jany 1790 .

Vestry met Pursuant to Notice in the Church
on Sunday last.


Mr Perrins
Mr. Hitchon

Mr. Owen
Mr. Nash
Mr Richardson
Mr Robinson

Mr. Rust.
Mr. Clean
Mr. Curtis

Mr Bird
Mr Barker.
Mr. Dent
Mr. Gibbons
Mr. Anderson
Mr Watt
Mr. Wilks.
Mr. Oddy.

Rate Signed for
the 4th. Quartr.

Signed the Rate for the relief of the Poor for the
Fourth Quarter.

Read and confirmed, the Minutes of last Meeting

Mr. Churchwarden Hitchon, being called upon for the
Nomination of a Person to the Alms House in the
Room of Mr. Montgomery-Pursuant to his Promise
the last Meetg. [..]

Mrs. Montgomerys
Waived and Mr.
Hill Nominatd.

He informed the Vestry that he waived the
Nomination of Mrs. Montgomery and Proposed.

Mary Hill< no role > of Water Street Widow ,
as a Person duly and properly Qualified

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