St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

31st August 1790 - 27th February 1798

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Image 23 of 15830th March 1791

consequently unfit for the Office.

Ordered that he be not Ballotted for

Mr. Robinson
Mr. Dodd

Their Enquiry after David Roe< no role > (who
has a Wife & Family and is now on the
Circuit) That his Character was exceeding

Ordered he be Ballotted for

Mr. Gill
Mr. Hulm

That they had enquired after Wm.
< no role > (who has a Wife & five Children but
all from him except a Son of the Age of 14
Years) that his Character was very good

Ordered that he be Ballotted For.

Mr. Robinson
Mr. Rhodes

Their Enquiry after James Plum< no role > .
That he had discharged his Duty at
Martlake & bore a very good Character

Resolved he be Ballotted For

Having proceeded to the Ballot the
Numbers were

ForMr. George Robertson< no role > 6

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