St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

6th March 1766 - 23rd May 1769

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Image 192 of 3876th October 1767


Charity Cundy< no role > aged about 22 Years upon Oath says
she never was married That She lived a hired Yearly
Servant with one Mr. Jordan a Shopkeeper in the Parish
of St. Andrew in Plymouth in the County of Devon
for one year and upwards at the Yearly Wages of Three
Pounds quitted said Service about three Years ago and
never since lived a hired yearly Servant for one year
Rented Ten pounds a year nor paid Taxes and further
upon her Voluntary Oath says that She delivered
of a female Bastard Child on the ninth day of August
last in the House of Mrs. Pyke the back of St. Clements
in the Parish of St. Clement Danes in the Liberty of
Westminster as yet unbaptized and is likely to become chargeable
to the said Parish of St. Clement Danes she being
poor and unable to maintain the same And that
Robert Graves< no role > Clerk to Mr. Cox Refiner in little
Britain did beget the said Bastard Child on her Body
he having had carnal knowledge of her Body in the
Month of December 1766 and at several times afterwards
at one of which times he did beget on her Body the said
female Bastard Child

Sworn the 6th. day of October
1767 before} Paul Vaillant< no role >

Charity Cundy< no role >

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