St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

20th June 1757 - 5th October 1763

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Image 278 of 38828th September 1762


Ann Nash< no role > aged about Eighteen Years upon Oath Says
She never was Married or lived a hired Yearly Servant for one
Year Says her Father William Nash< no role > served his Apprenticeship
of Seven Years with one Mr. Coleman a Backmaker in
Glasshouse Yard in the Parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate
in the County of Middlesex as She hath been informed by
him and verily believes Says She is pregnant with Child or
Children which is likely to be born a Bastard or Bastards and
to become Chargeable to the Parish of St. Clement Danes where
She now lodges She being Poor and unable to Maintain the
same when born Says that Richard Corbett< no role > of the Inner
Temple London Gentleman , did beget the said Bastard Child
or Children on her Body he the said Richard Corbett< no role > having
had Carnal knowledge of this Examinant's Body in the
Month of February last and at several other Times since at
one of which times he got her with Child of the said Child or
Children of which She is now pregnant

Sworn the 28th. day of
Septr. 1762 before} Barth: Hammond< no role > Paul Vaillant< no role >

The Mark of [mark] Ann Nash< no role >

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