St Clement Danes Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

6th May 1726 - 25th April 1727

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Sepr. 1st. 1726

Then Exaind the aforegoing Accot. of ye
Overseers of ye poor for the Month of Augst.
last amounting to the sume of Forty
pounds P one penny with the Sevell
Vouchers & to be serve the same to be
just and true witness our hands

John Peters< no role > Curate
Richd: Guest< no role >
James. Gates< no role >
Richd Taylor< no role >
Andw Richmond
Tho Fawkner< no role >

Sept: 1

Paid ye Expences about ye Settlemt.
of Eliz Hartle< no role >


Paid Wm. Alexander prest relief 0:2:6
Paid Mary Hopkins< no role > prest: relief 0:2:0


Paid ye Charges & Expences going to Gyes Hospital 0:9:1
Paid Ann Bearcock prest: releife0:2:6


Paid Long for fetching ye body Mary Alker< no role > 0:2:0

Paid ye Charges going wth Richd Garnet< no role >
To Bethlem


Paid nurs Bonifree two weeks0:8:0
Paid Sarah Merrick< no role > two weeks0:2:0
Paid nurs Williams of Thomas Ditton< no role > 0:10:6
Paid Eliz: Crayford< no role > for clothing John Bradshaw< no role > 0:6:0
Paid Cath: Anderson< no role > two weeks0:2:0
Paid for Removing of Richd. Brooks< no role > 0:3:0
Paid Eliz: Lawson< no role > two weeks0:3:0
Paid Hester Stone< no role > two weeks0:3:0
Paid Abigall Horton< no role > two weeks0:2:0
Paid Hunt ye Bakers wife prest relief 0:2:0
Paid nurs Carter for Eliz ware Lying inn 1:2:6
Paid Mary Hinton< no role > two weeks0:2:0
Paid Eliz: Venn two weeks0:2:6
Paid Ann Shervill two weeks0:1:0
Paid Josp: Steel four weeks past his Labour :6:0
Paid Ellinor Smith two weeks0:3:0
Paid Eliz Nichols< no role > two weeks 3 children 0:4:0
Paid Wm. James two weeks very old 0:5:0
Paid Thos: Hood< no role > two weeks lame man 0:5:0
Paid Sibbilla Hamer< no role > two weeks 0:2:0
Paid Deborrah Garrard< no role > two weeks 0:3:0
Paid to Guys Hospitall for Ann Prist0:7:6

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