Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

10th July 1684

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25th May 1684

all Young-Men, how you are drawn in by the Bewitching Lust and Love of Women: for tho my Relations were Responsable, and gave me a Good and Pious Education, yet the Grace of God which is infinitly eligible before the whole World, was wanting in me, and justly left me to the Guilt of Murder. Let no Man therefore trust in uncertain Riches, nor bolster himself up with the sufficiency of his Friends, in order to any hopes of Security from suffering the just Punishment of an evil Life; for there is a just God that made and Governs the World, who will not only in this World, but in that which is to come, Shower down Hail, Fire, and Brimstone on those who tread under Foot the Son of God, and put him to open Shame. If this Confession and Advice have efficacy to reclaim any, it only gains the end for which I design?d it, and to God above be Glory. Amen.

Two Prayers which Edward Kirk< no role > This name instance is in set 1243. , desired might be Printed with his Advice to Youth.

O Lord God, Good and Gracious, Everlasting and Blessed God; I must confess I have been a great Sinner, and without thy Pardon am utterly Undon for Ever: and therefore I pray thee Lord, that thou wouldest be pleased to wash away all my Sins from my Heart, and give me a new Spirit within, so that I may truly serve thee in Holiness and Righteousness, those few Minutes that I have to live in this World: that when my Soul and Body parts, my Soul may ascend up into Heaven, to God on High: so that he that shed his Precious Blood for Sinners (if it be his Blessed Will) may make my Peace with God. Of all my Sins that I have Committed, there is none so sad and Horrible as the Sin of Murder is: therefore I Beseech thee O Lord, to blot out that loud crying Sin from before thy Presence, so that it may not rise up in Judgment against me, when I come before thy TribunalSeat on High.

Oh! that men would consider this in time, that Sin will one Day change their Countenance; however it cometh in a flattering form, pretending nothing but Friendship but in the end, will leave a Sting behind it, even a guilty Conscience, Terror of Mind, and anguish of Spirit; wherefore let us flye from Sin, as from the biting of a Serpent, that we be not stung to Death; knowing that the ways of Sin, is Death.

O Lord most Holy, Good and Gracious, Everlasting and Blessed Lord God, how Glorious art thou Lord thou art a great and a Merciful God; and thou hast done more for me a thousand times than I have deserved; I confess I have been a great Sinner;

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