Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

September 1790

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That he left Llandovery with his
Father Thos. Maund< no role > Senr

That he & his Father met with
John James< no role > at 43 Bedford Street
Sh [..] the entered into their
Company last Tuesday week and
has continued with them ever since
except of nights when he went
Home to Sleep

That this day week James sold
the Father 1.8.0 Silver for and

That James has pass'd several
bad shillings between London &
Uxbridge & at other times in London

That they all there left London
last Thursday & came to Uxbridge

That James has often [..]
him base money but he refused
taking it

That a Blank note now produce
the reced of JamesThat he
asked Mrs. Norton for paper to lap it
of as a 10th Rank note

That he has needs been Apprensd
a brought to any Business His
Father is a [..] & he on as [..]
Assisted his Father His [..]
a Justice of the peace Rd. Price< no role >
at Place not it is [..] Cremarsh:

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