Middlesex Sessions:
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September 1787

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Middx Sept Session 1787

Ent End Book Indr. 177 now

The King
Joseph Dixon< no role > , Thos. Ansell< no role > , Robt Saunders< no role >
John Brown< no role > , Richard or [..] ne, Edward
orine, Thomas Fowles< no role > , John King< no role >
Wm. Fisher and John Murphy< no role > }

Indicted for a Conspiracy to lessen the
usual hours of Work & to augment their

J Silvester

To move for a Bench Warrt. agr Dfts with
4824 hours Notice of Bail to be given tothe
Mr Chetham of Falcon Square Solr for the
Prost. and that no Certificate may be
issued withos. the like Notice.

15th. Sepr. Grand JS

Mr. Ga

Warrant issued Reced 7s. elt


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