Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

June 1785

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That Jacob Loreux< no role > Esqr . having been appointed by-
Your commee to make the said Particular and estimate
informed Your commee that he estimated the Expence of
comming the Extrance Works into Excution at or about the Sum
of 200 and the Expence of carrying the Internal works
into Execution at or about the Sum of 150 making
in the whole 350.

That in consequence of Advertisment incerased in the Publick
papers, the following propesls were delivered in by Psons
offairs to give Satisfactory Security for the due performance of
the abovementioned Work.


R Proposal of John Watson< no role > for the Masons Work
only, hat the not coming within the intertion of the commee She
was totally respected

No. 2

A Proposal of John Wood< no role > to compleate the work for
533:- Vizt For the finder works 277 for the
Outside work 277And the said John wood< no role >
being asked if he could a rate any thing of the above
Sum he Answered in the Negative

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