Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1772

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To the Justices of our Lord the King Assigned to
keep the Kings Peace in and for the County of Middlesex
and also to hear and Determine divers Felonies Trespasses
and other misdeeds Committed within the said County at
their General Quarter Sessions of the Peace now held
for the said County

The Humble Petition of Mary Leader< no role > Widow


That in and by a certain Act of Parliament made in the Eleventh
Year of the Reign of His present Majesty Intituled An Act for Paving
Wapping Street in the County of Middlesex and the Several Streets and
Passages leading into the same and for removing all Encroachments and
Obstruct as therefrom and preventing the like for the future and for Opening a
Passages [..] Hermitage Street into Nightingale Lane , and passing such passage
and for [..] East side of Nightingale Lane , It is (amongst other Things)
Enacted That from and after the second Monday Monday from the passing
of the [..] Act The commissioners therein appointed [..] the Same in
[..] or any five or more of them are thereby Auth [..] and Impowered
[..] to Time to Cause Order and Direct the said [..] Wapping
[..] Lane Opening [..] said Street [..] for
[..] called Old Gravel [..] and a Street [..] Hermitage Street
[..] as into Wapping Street aforesaid at the We [..] And the Street
wh [..] hereby Authorized to be made and Opened from Little Hermitage
Street aforesaid into Nightingale Lane in the County aforesaid and also the
South [..] of Nightingale Lane aforesaid as far as the End of Burr Street or
any [..] to be Paved Repaired Sunk or altered in Such manner as they
Should [..] fit.

And by another Clause in the said Act Commonly called the Optional
Clause It is Enacted That if at any Time thereafter Two Thirds or more of the
House holders and Landlords or Owners of Houses and Tenements within any
the said Streets Lanes Alleys Courts passages or places Opening Immediately into
the said Streets Lanes and Place therein before mentioned and Authorized to be paved
Should at any Time thereafter appear by Petition to the said Commissioners or any Nine
or more of them Expressing their desire to have the Same paved and cleared of
Encroachments Nuisances Obstructions and Annoyances That then it should and might
be lawful for the said Commissioners or any nine of them to Cause the same to be done
And they were thereby empowered to Rate and Assess the Inhabitants of Such
Street Lane Passage Alley Court or Place for the purposes aforesaid (So as such
Assessment Should not exceed One Shilling and Six pence in the Pound) And to raise moneys upon
Annuities for lives or otherwise upon the Credit of Such Rate or Assessments Sufficient
for Defraying the Expences of the said Works only and the Pavement of the said
Street Lane or other place Comprehended in Such Petition should after an Order
made by the said Commissioners [..] any Nine or more of them for the purposes aforesaid
be from thenceforth Vested in the said Commissioners appointed by that Act And such

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