Middlesex Sessions:
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June 1701

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Image 12 of 2317th May 1701

Midd ss.

WHereasMary Ferguson< no role > the wife of Alexander
< no role > Wason the Day of the Date hereof
brought before me one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace of
the County ofMiddx [..] residing [..] in the parish
ofEnfield in the said County
where the saidMary Ferguson< no role > Wastaken; And in
Pursuance of a Late Act of Parliament made in the 11th. and 12th.
Years of his now Majesty's Reign, King William the Third, Entitl'd,
An Act for the more effectual Punishment of Vagrants, and Sending them whi
ther by Law they ought to be Sent; I have carefully and diligently exa
mined the saidMary Ferguson< no role >
and upon herExamination it appears unto me
that the saidMary Ferguson her legall Settlement is
in the parish of St Catherine near the Tower of
London where her husband is a Soldier

And I do not find thatthe said Mary Ferguson< no role >

h had any legal Settlement elsewhere. These are therefore to
Will and Require you, and in His Majesty's Name to Charge and
Command you on fight hereof to remove the saidMary
< no role >
from the saidparishofEnfield and
Conveyand deliver herout of the County ofto theConstable
ofin the County ofof the parishwhich I think the
most proper way to the said
ofSt Catherine
in the said County ofaforesdto be from thence Conveyed to
to take care of heraforesaidAnd hereof you are not to fail.
Given under my Hand and Seal, theseventeenthday ofMay
in thethirteenthYear of the Reign of our said Sovereign
Lord King William III. by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland,
France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, Etc. Annoq; Dom. 1701

To the Constable of theparish
ofEnfield in the
County ofMiddlesexand to
all other Officers, whom it may Concern.

Nics: Wolstenholme< no role >

Printed for Robert Vincent< no role > , in Cliffords-Inn-Lane , in Fleet-Street .

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