Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1691

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Image 109 of 14226th May 1691

To Wm Lee< no role > Constable & Paulkyly Overseer of the
Poor of [..] the [..] Hamblet of Hampton wick , in
the County of Midle & to every of them

Whereas an appeale hath been made here to us their & other of [..]
Majestyes Justices of She Peace [..] here assembled art [..]
Hickshall in the Psagainst an order [..] under the
bands & seales of Charles Wyndham< no role > [..] & Wm Steven< no role > [..]
Knts live of their Majesties Justices of the [..]
for the County ofHamp to South hampton thereby [..]
the Church wardens & others the Overseers of the poor
of the parish of Atherton in the Isle of why [..] in
the Said County to convey the body of one Wm Hamby< no role >
an infant Child to the parish of Hampton wick in thes
County supposing the sd Wm Hamby< no role > to be last lately
Setled [..] rentime there Now it appearing to us
by examinaion of Severall Psons upon Oath [..]
the sd Wm Hamby< no role > & otherwise that the sd Wm Hamby< no role >
was born of the body of Eliz Baker< no role > wife of one
Bartholomew Baker< no role > who were last Carefully Settled
in the Sd parish of Atherton in the sd Isle of White
those one therefore in their Majesties names to require
and an otherwise yor & every of you that you or one
of you doe repean & convey the body of the sd Wm
< no role > to the parish of Atherton aforesd where it
appeares to this Cort that he was last legally Setled

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