St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Image 130 of 52315th August 1694

Augt. ye. 15th. 1694 :

Ordered Alsoe by the same Vestry. That Mr. Havers pay
Tenn Shillings P ann to the Church Warden or Ward [..]
The time being, May enjoy the Piece of Ground be [..]
house (As the same is Now in closed by A Palisada Pale)
The pleasure of the Feoffees for the Pish Lambs.

Ordered Alsoe that the gift of Fifty Pounds bequeathed
Richards Marchant< no role > Decd unto the sd Pish be e [..]
Into the Comemoracon Booke of the Renter Church W [..]
who are Desired to give yearly. on erdy good Fryday for [..]
(In money or bread) the sum of Fifty Shillings to the Poor [..]
Pish Pursuant to the will of the Donor.

Ordered Alsoe by the said Vestry. That Enquirye be ma [..]
Drs. Comons by the Prsent Church Wardens, Whether
Clarke may not be dismisst & throune out for Misdeme [..]
And if soe, That the Church Wardens for the time being
Speedily Prosecute And take such Course for Remove [..]
Henry Drewitt< no role > (Prsent Clarke of the said Pish) As [..]
In such Case shall Direct.

Ordered by the said Vestry. That (from home forward for this
Noe more then One Shilling shall be Allowed the house
out of the Fees of the Bells.

Ordered Alsoe, That (from this day forward) Noe Pish [..]
pay the Pish Clarke any thing for Register or Att [..]

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