St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

21st November 1785 - 13th January 1787

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Image 66 of 11122nd August 1786

Middlesex ss

George Firth< no role > maketh oath that he
heretofore rented a house of the Yearly Rent of twenty five
Pounds in Upper East Smithfield in the Parish of Saint
Botolph without Aldgate in the said County Presided
there in for about the Space of one year & half That he
has not Since rented a house of the Yearly rent of Ten Pounds
a year or upwards or served any Parish office or paid Any
Poors rates or Kings Taxes or done any Act to gain a
Subsequent Settlement That he hath a wife named
Mary< no role > to whom he was lawfully married.

Sworn this. 22. day
of August 1786 before
R Davies

George Firth< no role >

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