St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

21st November 1785 - 13th January 1787

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Image 10 of 11126th December 1785

by Phillip Pine< no role > as Collector of the Sd Assessment for the
Sd Year 1774 for the Sd Lower Divission of the Sd Parish
of St George the Sum of Seven shillings & Six pence
Appears to have been paid by the Sd Alexander Watt< no role >
the Father to the Sd Collector for the third & fourth Quarterly
Payments for the Sd Year 1774 Whereby as this Deponent
Apprehends the Sd Alexr Watt< no role > gained a legal Settlement
there That upon inquiry made by this Deponent it also
Appears that the Sd Alexander Watt< no role > also afterwards
removed from thence into a Place Called the Orchard
in the Hamlet of Ratcliffe in the Parish of St Dunstan
Stepney in the sd County & there in the year 1789 rented
a house at the Yearly rent of four Pounds & ten shillings
& that during Such his residence there his name & his
Landlords Appears to be inserted in the Sd Assessment
for the Sd house & as alleged the Sum of Thirteen
Shillings & four Pence the Tax assessed as paid by the
Sd Alexr Watt< no role > for his Landlord to the Collector thereof
Mr Patridge but Whether the Sd Alexr Watt< no role > thereby
gained a settlement is a Doubt the said Collector
insisting that no Settlement was gained thereby
& this Deponent Can give no othr Account respecting
the Settlement of the Said Alexander Watt< no role >

Both Sworn this 26. day
of December 1785 before
R Davies Robt Smith< no role >

Philp Tibbs< no role >
Thos. Bampfield< no role >

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