St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1759 - 1778

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An Account of the Receipts & Disbursements of Mr.
Robert Huntington< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. upper Church Warden of the Parish of St Botolph with
Aldgate London for the Year 1762

Receipts by Ward Rents

Reced. of Mr.Hawes by Mr.Swanston one Years rent for a House near the Red,
Cross in the Minoies due at Lady day 1768
4 - -

Of Mr.Pepiat one Years Ground rent for three House in Houndsditch due, at Do25 - -
Of Mr.John Towers< no role > one Years rent for the late Mr.Kings dwelling Hounds at due, Do20 - -

Of Mr.John Woodward< no role > by the hands of Mr.Pistor one Years rent for
the Shops under Sr. John Cass< no role > 's Charity schools< no role > due at Do
40 10 -

Of Mr.Handing one Years rent for part of London Prentice Yard
due at Ditto
7 - -

Of the Executors of Sir Philip Hall< no role > on Years rent for Chequer
Yard due at Do
1 - -

Of Thomas Crane< no role > one Years rent for Still Yard due at Do34 - -

Of Mr. Allingham one Years rent for a House in Croyden
due at Michas1762
4 - -

Of Mr. George Wellings< no role > one Years rent for Houses in ann
Somerset Street Due at Lady day one thousand seven hundred
and sixty three
25 - -

Of Mr. John Cater< no role > one Years rent for a House in Ditto
Due at Do
2 19 4

Of Bartholomew Greenwood< no role > Esquire one Years Rent
for Houses in Ditto due at Ditto
6 - -
169 9 4

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