St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1715

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Image 108 of 47823rd May 1692

Middx ss

Whereas In pursuance fr a Warrant from two of their
Maties. Justices of the Peace for the County of Middx (Quorum mms) to divers
of the Principall Inhabitants of the Liberty of Eastsmithfeild in the Parish
of St. Botulph without Algate in the County aforesaid directed thereby Authorising
a Certain Number of them to view Peruse and Examine the Accots. of Mr. John
Dickinson late Churchwarden for the said Liberty of Eastsmithfeild the said
Inhabitants have mett together and Examined the said Accts. and Report that
there Remaines cleer in the hands of the said Churchwarden (which he
hath Recd more then Disbursed) the some of Thirty Pounds Therefore Wee
whose hands and seales are hererunto sett two of their Maties Justices of the
Peace for the County aforesaid (Quoru mms) doe allow off and Approove the
said Accounts made up by the said Churchwarden and wee doe thereupon
Order and require the said Mr. John Dickinson< no role > upon sight hereof to pay unto
Mr. Nicholas Pickering< no role > the imediate Churchwarden of the said Liberty of
Eastsmithfeild the said Sume of Thirty Pounds being the Ballance of his Accots.
for the use of the Poor of the said Liberty according to the Form of the Statute
in that Case made and Provided And this with the said Churchwardens rece [..]
for the same shall be his Sufficient discharge Given under our hands and seales
the 23d day of May Anno Regm Regis & Regine Gulielmi & Maire Angl Etc.
Quarto Annoqr Dm 1692 .

Tho: Johnson< no role >
Geo: Bohun< no role >

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