St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1715

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The generall accompt of Mr. Nicholas Picking< no role > and
Nathaniel Garden< no role > Renter Churchwardens of the Parish of St.
Botulph without Algate in the County of Middx of all such
Receipts and payments as hath passed by them for the
Yeare 1691.


s d

Received for burialls as by the severall Monthly Bills132 06 05
Received of Parish rents as followeth of Widow Hall21 00 00
Received of Mr. Shackerly a yeares rent08 00 00
Received of Mr. Henry Winstoe< no role > 6. upon one Lease & upon moth. 410 00 00
Received of Mr. Taylor by Todd a yeares rent01 06 08
Received of Mr. Sapp for a Yeares rent09 00 00
Received of Mr. Harrison by Samll. Browne< no role > a Yeares rent02 00 00
received of Mr. Silvester for a Yeares rent24 00 00
Recd for the Shopp and Celler under the Vestry- - -
Recd of Mr. Merry a Yeares rent11 00 00
Recd of Mr. Havers for a Yeares rent03 00 00
Received of Mr. Smith for Studmores a Yeare05 00 00
Received of Mr. Hyatt 3 quarters of a Yeare09 00 00
Received of Mr. Stock for one Quarters rent06 00 00
Recd of him a Years rent before hand to be allowed the last year of his lease24 00 00
Recd of Widow Mullins a years rent10 00 00
Recd of the Alexander Hall a Yeares Rent10 00 00
Recd of Thomas Smith< no role > a Yeares rent of two houses08 00 00
Rcd of the Lady Lowden Mr. Greens guift05 00 00
Rcd of Widow Tudor Mr. Bolys his guift06 00 00
Rcd of Mr. Haynes Anthony Bayliffs guift04 00 00
Recd of Mr. Jaggard Mr. Wells guift02 10 00
Rcd Mr. Doves guift 20 08 00
Rcd of the Grocers- - -
Rcd Mr. Jordans guift01 00 00
Rcd Mr. Margarett Holligranes< no role > guift01 00 00
Received of Mr. Bullock Mr. Francks guift01 00 00
Rcd Mr. Skudamores guift00 13 04
Recd the Lady Lumleys guift- - -

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