Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

6th December 1727

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Henry Wilcox proceedingsdefend , was indicted for assaulting Ann Mackmasters proceedingsvictim on the Highway, on the 22d of October last, and taking from her a Pocket, value 1 d. a Gold Ring, value 5 l. and some Money . The Prosecutor depos'd, That coming by Crompton-street End, near Leicester-Fields , about 8 at Night she met the Prisoner, who first took her by the Hand and then knock'd her down, and pulling the Pocket from her Side, ran away with it, that she had seen him once before taken up for a Robbery, and remembered him perfectly well, and having the Opportunity of viewing him by a Lamp when he robb'd her, she was positive he was then same Person; but being stopt in her Pursuit of him by a Chairman, who abus'd her, she could not take him on the Night the Robbery was committed, yet she found him soon afterwards. One Eaton, that keeps a Coffee-house in Rider's Court depos'd, That he standing at his own Door, saw the Prisoner knock the Prosecutor down, and that he knew the Prisoner perfectly well, and had been acquainted with him at Bristol. Either Bagshaw depos'd, That she met the Prisoner about the Hour of the Night aforesaid, and going to Drink together, She saw something hang out of his Pocket, and enquiring what it was, he pulled it out, and told her, it was a Pocket he had taken in a Quarrel among Friends, and then shew'd her two Guineas and a Diamond Ring; the Same Pocket he gave to this Deponent, who produced it in Court, and by undeniable Marks it appear'd to be the prosecutor's. Mary Stanley < no role > depos'd. That the Prisoner offered her a Diamond Ring (which by Description was the Prosecutor's) if she would take a false oath against some Justices of the Peace which he had a Design to prosecute. Some Witnesses appeared to invalidate the Evidence of the Prosecutor and her Witnesses, and others gave the Prisoner a very good Character: But the fact appearing plain against him, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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