Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

2nd July 1684

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Which Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment, as followeth:

Nine received Sentence of Death , viz.

Edward Kirk < no role > This name instance is in set 1243. , John Mould < no role > , Mary Shelton < no role > , Andrew Hill, Morgan Reading, John Holtham < no role > , John Bennet < no role > , John Richardson < no role > , and James Walden proceedingsdefend . The said Walden was convicted at a former Sessions in April last, but Judgment then deferred upon the Verdict being found Special.

Three were burnt in the Hand, viz.

Ann Seal < no role > , George Burchall < no role > , and Thomas Dean < no role > . Four begg'd Transportation, and had it granted, viz.

Charles Cartmore < no role > , - Henry Curlee < no role > , and Thomas Brown < no role > .

To be Whip'd,

Jane Dickeson < no role > , John Davis < no role > , Robert Shipwasts < no role > , Ann Jones < no role > , Eliz. Jones< no role > , Francis Heldridge < no role > , Eliz. Owen< no role > , Martha Olivant < no role > , James Barnas < no role > .

In the Close of the Sessions between 50 and 60 Persons who have been formerly Convicted and Condemned but Reprieved being brought from Newgate to the Bar, and severally ask'd what they had to say why they should not be Executed, pleaded his Majesty's most gracious Pardon ; viz.

Stephen Bumstead proceedingsdefend , Patrick May proceedingsdefend , John Hopkins proceedingsdefend , Robert Wheatley proceedingsdefend , Chr. Ashley proceedingsdefend , Jacob Watkins proceedingsdefend , Will Planke proceedingsdefend , Margaret Baal proceedingsdefend , John Volour proceedingsdefend , John Barnard proceedingsdefend , Gerrad Middleton proceedingsdefend , Thomas Rolph proceedingsdefend , James Hardin proceedingsdefend , Joan Nichols proceedingsdefend , John Carey proceedingsdefend alias Carus, John Den proceedingsdefend , John Francis proceedingsdefend , Elenor Adams proceedingsdefend , Thomas Griffith proceedingsdefend , Sarah Pearson proceedingsdefend , Jos. Curtis proceedingsdefend , Rob. - John Smith proceedingsdefend , William Fletcher proceedingsdefend , Roger Adams proceedingsdefend , John Howard proceedingsdefend , Rich. Ford proceedingsdefend , Roger Wixely proceedingsdefend , Robert Barbadoes proceedingsdefend , Mary Defoe proceedingsdefend , Alice Cranfield proceedingsdefend , Mary Izzard proceedingsdefend , Benjamin Gandee proceedingsdefend , Richard Enos proceedingsdefend , John Wheeler proceedingsdefend alias Stone, John Tod proceedingsdefend , Laurence Axtan proceedingsdefend , Charles Atlee proceedingsdefend , Nathaniel Sunderland proceedingsdefend , James Shaw proceedingsdefend , Edw. Conyers proceedingsdefend , Jane Conyers proceedingsdefend , Mary Corbet proceedingsdefend , Eliz. Bird proceedingsdefend , Tho. Edmunds proceedingsdefend , Will. Russel proceedingsdefend alias Napper, William Marshal proceedingsdefend , Cha. Perrey proceedingsdefend alias Parry, Daniel Maccarta proceedingsdefend , the four last having some Years since been convicted as Seminary Priests.

Rebecea Bennison, the Wife of one Robert Bennison < no role > , some time since Convicted of Felony, being included in the said General Pardon, as also one Andrew Edwards proceedingsdefend , but both out upon Bail; the said Edwards came in and pleaded the Pardon, but Mrs Bennison did not appear when call'd. Two Quakers upon Pramunire, and two or three others, were also included therein. Which General Pardon being read whilst the Prisoners Knocked before the Court, the same was allowed.

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