St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Subscribers Names
Places of Abode
1st. Subscripn.
2nd. Subscripn.
3rd. Subscripn.

Whose Order
Christian and Sir Name
How Settled in this Parish
When Came in
When discharged or died

Gough Henrrietta< no role >
Settled with us Mr. Parnell of Grays Inn Concerned in some Affairs by which she will be entitled to a Considerable Sum of Money when all Expences will be Repaid}

Gale Sarah< no role > This name instance is in set 595. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD NetworkGale .
Singlewoman brought to Bed the Father is one Walker (the Son of Walker in the House)(he gone Abroad)the Child Named Maria Gale< no role > This name instance is in set 1596. sent to Enfield }
Has been in the House Nine Weeks
dischargd 12. Febry. 1785.

Green Ann
Married John Green< no role > he dead about three Years kept Seven Stars Carey Street, since that (no Settlement no Children)}
Admitted 178 [..]

Ghent Mary
Married John Ghent at Godalming Surry he now lives at Nottingham 3 Children Vizt. Mary Wm. and Thomas All< no role > with him her Husband kept House opposite Essex Street Strand}
dischd. 2d Mar 1785. passd. back 6: April 1785.

Goltrip Mary< no role >
Married Thomas Goltrip< no role > (in the House) one Child named Ann< no role > her Husband served his Time in Houghton Street to Mc Coy a Bell Hanger}
Has been in the House about three Months
dischd. 6 April 1785.

Graham Mary< no role >
Married Wm. Graham< no role > he lived as an Apprentice to Mr. Etherell a Cork Cutter in Exeter Court }
Has been in the House about Fifteen Months
dischd: 17 Mar 1785.

Green Ann
Four lived with Mr. Green of Bear Yard as a Servant a Year & 3 Weeks at 3:0:0 a year}
Came in in Febry last.

Gray Sarah< no role >
taken 2 Yrs in Ho

Gilder Jane< no role >
Itch (kept a Fruit Shop Clare Market .}
been in the Ho 5: Yrs.

Gunn Elizth< no role >
Married Benjn. Gunn< no role > he dead no family Claims a Settlemt. by living with Mr. Hayward of Burleigh Street }
Has been in the House about three years

Green Catherine< no role >
Daughter of Athenias Green< no role > he dead 9 Years her Mother Mary Green< no role > in the House vide Mary Green< no role > }

Graves Hannah< no role >
her Father dead her Mother alive she Nursed at Lowlayton

Grant Mary< no role >
a Widow Married Saml. Grant< no role > he dead has a Daur named Mary Grant< no role > she broke her Leg and is at Mr. Griffiths's the Old, Rose and Crown Salisbury [..] Court Fleet Street was an Apprentice to Mr. Taylor Denmark Street Saint Giles's where she belongs Grant herself was Servant to Mr. Greenough Shoemaker Strand some years}
(St Mary Maytaker Pish at Hill;) been in the House about three Months

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