St Clement Danes Parish:
Enfield Books - Parish Children put out to Nurse

24th April 1780 - 11th February 1792

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Image 22 of 694th August 1790

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Gould Charles< no role >
(Yrs. Mos. Days born in Store Street Hospital 4 March: 86 -: [..] :-
May Goned Settled with S:C:D: by livg. with Mr Lee Arundell St .
John Porter< no role >
Father taken at Enfield Drive a Carvan 4 or 5th: got from him Admitted 15th Apr/86, With Nurse Rutter Enfield febry. 1792

Dead Gale Maria< no role > This name instance is in set 1596. . [mark]
(4 Yrs Old Xmas 1788. near 3 Year Old 1787
the Mother says. Sarah Gale< no role > This name instance is in set 595. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD NetworkGale .
Josh. Walker< no role > Jonesr to a Man of that Name a Pauper in the House
Walker at the Time a Pauper Reported he gone abroad his Has died in the is Ho. Died at Nurse Talyor's Enfield 16th Augst 1791. who did live in Wych S [..] a Taylor:

qe where gone Graves John< no role > [mark]
his Sister Hannah< no role > 60d. to Richie of Swan Yard Esq of her qe. what in become of this Child

Dead Goodman Elizth< no role > . [mark]
0..5.. May 1787
Elizth. Goodman< no role >
sent 18 May 87 . Dead Goodman
Passed from the Parish of Fillongley in Warwickshire Berksby Order of Removal, she gained a Settlement by livs. Servt. in Dury Lane her Husbd. Married Man when case Married him; Man Vood
and Reverts to her Maidn. Settlement

qe where gone Gammon Sarah< no role > [mark]
Mary Gammon< no role >
Settled by the Grandfather keeping House in Denzell Street {sent to Enfield 15th Decr 1787. qe where gone from there Clare Market an Appear with Queen Square about [..]

qe Gammon Rose Hah< no role > . [mark]
1 1787
sent Re Nurse Turner Enfield 17th. March 1788 . qe, where is the Child [..] Queen Street Golden Square The Child sent to Nurse Wright 16th. febry. 1791

Gammon Mary Ann< no role > [..]
Admitted 6th Novr 90 Aged Seven Months [..]
The Father of this Child absconded the Mothergonewent to two at Mr Slaters No 4 Queen Street Golden Square The Child sent to Enfiled Nurse Wright 16th febry. 1791

Gladman Hannah< no role >
Admitted in the Ho 8th March 1790 Aged 1 Yr & 2 Mths born 8th Jany. 1789
Mary Gladman< no role > This name instance is in set 599. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD .
Andrew Watson< no role >
sent to Enfield 12 March 1790
with Nurse Chapmans was born of Mr Norries in Crown Court Butcher Row illegitimate (Father not taken.) Vid Exts. Book Consumers 1736

Dd Griffiths Barbara< no role > [mark]
Died at Enfield 18 July 1790 born 20th. March 1790
Eliz. Griffiths< no role >
John Birkett< no role >
Settlemt by servt 3 Yrs. with Mr Willis Butcher Row she left that place abt. 1777 The Child sent to Enfield at 1st July 1790 & Dead there 11th Augt. 1790

Griffiths Jno< no role > .
in the House. Admitted on April 29th 1790 Removed by Order from St Ad [..] Holborn above the BarDied at Enfield /18 July 1790.
Eliz Mary Griffiths< no role >
Vid Exrs. Back Comments 1786 The Child born in the Ho 19th Septr. 1788 Illegitimate Sent to Enfield 29th of April 1790 with Nurse Wright

Gray John< no role > Dd [mark]
Born in the Ho 15th April 1791 [..]
with Mr.Jackson Hemlock Court Sarah Gray< no role > Settled by febry 2 yrs
Robert Crawford< no role > Jounrneyman to Mr. Forster, Felter Lane
Died 16th July 1791 at Enfield Man Apprehended paid 10, (Relected)

Dead Gal Margt< no role > . [mark]
Illegitimate born in the Workhouse 3lst. Octr. 1790
[..] Sarah Gale< no role > This name instance is in set 595. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD NetworkGale .
Jeremiah Sullivan< no role >
Sent to Nurse Sheffield Enfield 22d June 1791 16th febry/91 sent to Nurse Taylor Enfield the father taken gave Bail to appear Assession Child Died 16th Augst./91

Guest Ann< no role > [mark]
Born in the House 4th. Augst. 1790
Elizth Guest< no role > This name instance is in set 597. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD .
IllIllegitimate 3d Novr.1790 sent to Nurse March Enfield Dead there 24th' April 1791

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