Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

16th June 1731

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21st November 1729

BOOKS Printed and Sold by John Applebee< no role > , in Bolt Court, near the Leg Tavern in Fleet-Street .

I. The Life of Catherine Hayes< no role > (who was Executed at Tyburn on the 9th of May, 1726 , for the barbarous Murder of her Husband) giving a true and perfect Account of her Parentage, Birth, Education, &c. from the Time of her Birth, to the Hour of her Death: Together with every minute Circumstance relating to that horrid Affair. To which is added, the Lives of Thomas Wood< no role > and Thomas Blings, the two Persons concern'd with her in committing the said Murder: the Whole taken from the Mouths of the several Criminals themselves, during their Confinement in Newgate. Price Six-pence.

II. An Account of all the Robberies, Escapes, &c. of John Sheppard< no role > , giving an exact Description of the manner of his wonderful Escape from the Castle in Newgate , and of the Methods he took afterwards for his Security. Written by himself during his Confinement in the middle Stone-Room, after his being re-taken in Drury-Lane . To which is prefix'd, a true Representation of his Escape from the Condemn'd Hold, curiously engraven on a Copper Plate. Price Six-pence.

III. A true and exact Account of the Lives of Edward Burnworth< no role > This name instance is in set 14420. , alias Frasier< no role > , William Blewit< no role > , Thomas Berry< no role > , and Emanuel Dickenson< no role > , who were Executed at Kingston on the 6th of April 1726 , for the barbarous Murder of Thomas Ball< no role > in St. George's Fields . Price Six-pence.

IV. A genuine Narative of the memorable Life and Actions of John Dyer< no role > , a notorious Highwayman and House breaker , who was Executed at Tyburn on Fryday the 21st of November 1729 , Price Six-pence.

Dr. Nelson's most wonderful PANACEA, for the CONFIRM'D POX,

(And, all the Relicks or Remains of it in the Blood) which it infallibly eradicates, tho' of ever so long standing, it having been long experienc'd to be the only safe and sure Remedy for that hateful Distemper, that was ever known or discovered.

It curing so easily, and insensibly, as any Disorder it gives, Confinement it requires, or Suspicion it occasions, that it is admir'd and recommended all that have taken it, for it neither purges, vomits, nor salivates, but cures by its Alterative, Deobstruent, Antivenerea Qualities, insomuch that Children, and the weakest and most tender or crazy constitution'd People may take it at all times of the Year, and go about with it as if they had taken nothing, as may likewise those who have been brought near the Grave, by repeated) unsuccessful Salivations, or other violent, or too frequent Purgations, or Vomits; for it restores as well as clears the Blood, Head or whole Habit, of all the lurking poisonous Taint, and Mercury tho' never so secretly lodg'd in the Body; wherefore let none of those unfortunate People despair, but try it, and they will be comfortably convinc'd of the Truth of what is here said of it.

Persons who are pox'd to the last Degree, their whole Mass of Blood being contaminated, and have been told that nothing but a Salivation would Cure them, tho' they labour under tormenting Pains in the Head Limbs, or Joints; or have breakings out of Scabe Blotches, Boils, or Spots; or have Swellings, Nodes, Sores, or Ulcers, either in their Throat, Nose, or elsewhere, with weariness in the Limbs, Faintness and Weakness of the whole Body, &c. may intirely rely upon it, only, that according to the Degree of the Infection, they must take it and continue it for a longer or shorter Time.

Such as have only some Relicks of the Disease, or but suspect that their Blood has got a Smatch of the Taint, by some unusual Uneasinesses about them, which they now and then feel, either from ill manag'd Claps, or other doubtful Cures, should never venture to marry, if they are single, nor meddle with their Wives if marry'd, till they are sure they are safe, as they most certainly will be, upon their only taking a Pot or two of it.

It is also exceeding pleasant to take, as well as delightful in its effects; and cleanses, Nourishes and Restores, the foulest, most weakned and worn-out Constitutions.

Price 5 s. the Tin-pot, prepar'd only by the Doctor above said, and left by him, at Mr. sted's Bookseller at the Golden Ball, near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street; where it may be had, by any Messenger, ready sealed up, with Directions how to take it, by only asking for a 5 s. Pot of the Panacea.

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