Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

22nd December 1714

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21st April 1714

3. John Savile< no role > , condemn'd for Robbing on the King's Highway, and for Burglary, viz. 1st, For Assaulting and Robbing Mr. Thomas Trenowth< no role > on the Highway, on the 2d of November last . 2dly, For Breaking the House of Mr. John Lee< no role > , on the 6th of the same Month , and stealing thence a Brass Kettle, a Sawcepan, and other Goods. 3dly, For breaking open the House of Mr. Maurice Jones< no role > , and taking thence a Brass Porridge-pot, two Brass Sawcepans, &c. on the 7th day of the same Month . 4thly, For breaking the House of Mr. Edward Hughes< no role > , on that Day , and taking thence four Pewter Dishes, and ten Pewter Plates. He said, he was 31 Years of Age, born in the Parish of St. Mary Whitechapel ; and was 7 years Apprentice with an Armorer in Haydon-yard in the Minories : That he served 9 Years on board three several Men of War, viz. the Colchester, the Ipswich, and the Severn, as an Armorer; and, That he had never been concern'd in those Robberies he was condemn'd for, had not Moses Woodfield< no role > (the Evidence against him) induced him to that wicked sort of Life; by which he did not get above 40 s. in all, and is now brought to Shame and Death in this World, and might (were not God most Merciful) look for greater Punishment in the next. Which to prevent he seem'd to do what in him lay to repent; and as a Proof of his Sincerity herein, he restor'd (as far as he could) what he had stoln and got by any unjust Means, and earnestly desir'd my Prayers to God for him, so careful he was to prevent his Eternal Ruin.

As I knew he could write, so I desired he would set down what Crimes he had committed; which he accordingly did, in a Letter he wrote and deliver'd to me; wherein he only omitted the mentioning those Robberies he had before told me of, which were more proper to be (as they were) privately made known to the Persons he had wrong'd, and was now willing to help (as he did some of them) to their Goods again. Here follows a True Copy of his said Letter, for the satisfaction of those that will read him in his own Words.


YOU desir'd me to tell you of what Robberies I had committed: Sir, this is to let you understand, that I never did no Robberies of any Consequence, but the Robberies of which I was convicted; for I never did any thing of Consequence till I went with that Moses Woodfield< no role > , which took away my Life; and that was about a Month before I came in hither. I was given a little to picking of Pockets before, and took some small Matters of little value, which I do pray heartily to GOD to forgive me, and desire your Prayers for the same. And, Sir, I have offended God Almighty in keeping company with other Women when I had a Virtuous Wife of my own: And I have been greatly addicted to Swearing, and to breaking the Sabbath, and been disobedient to my Parents, in not being ruled by them when they gave me good Counsel, for which I do repent from the bottom of my Heart, and desire that others will take Warning by my Shameful Death. Pray, Dear Sir, let me have your Prayers for my poor Soul.

4. John Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 12661151. , condemn'd for Burglary, viz. For Breaking open the House of Mr. Thomas Fisher< no role > , and taking thence six Firkins of Butter, a great quantity of Cheese, and other Goods, on the 13th instant . He said, he was born in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , aged about 26 Years, being 10 Years older than his Brother Roderick Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 1425. , that was executed on the 28th of May last , for diverse Robberies by him committed. This John Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 1151. (who was cast by the Evidence of another Brother of his) own'd the Justice of the Sentence of Death past upon him, which he had deserv'd long e're this, as having been concern'd in several Felonies and Burglaries, formerly with Thomas Jarrott< no role > (against whom he made himself an Evidence) who was executed the 24th of October, 1711 , and of later Date with Anthony Geary< no role > This name instance is in set 1126. , executed on the 21st of April last , and with some others, who are still alive, and whom he desir'd to take Warning by his and other his Companions shameful End, that they might avoid their own, by a

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