Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

10th July 1684

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3rd July 1684

THE BEHAVIOUR OF Edward Kirk< no role > This name instance is in set 1243. , After his CONDEMNATION FOR Murdering his Wife; WITH THE Advice and Prayers which he left with the Ordinary, desiring him to Publish the same for the Reclaiming of Vicious Youth. TOGETHER With the Behaviour of the other Condemmed Malefactors in NEWGATE.

WHEREAS at the late Sessions of Gaol-Delivery held in the Old-Bayly on Wednesday and Thursday, the 2d . and 3d.Days of the July,1684 . Nine Persons received Sentence of Death, viz. Edward Kirk< no role > This name instance is in set 1243. , John Mould< no role > , John Holtam< no role > , John Bennet< no role > ; John Richardson< no role > , James Walden< no role > , Mary Shelton< no role > , Andrew Hill< no role > , and Morgan Reading< no role > .

Now whereas several Malefactors Condemned to Dye, do in the Prison of Newgate, desire the Ordinary to Publish their Conferrences with him, therby giving an Account of their Penitency; and to Warn others by their Examle of suffering Justice, to avoid the same Crimes. The Ordinary thereupon thinks it a necessary Service to give a faithful Account of the said condemned Malefactors Behaviour; hopeing thereby it will be a means to reclam Vice in Youth.

This account therefore he now give, that on the next Day after Condemnation (they all appeared together in the Chappel) where they were Exhorted and Prayed with; the like was done on Saturday.

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