Middlesex Sessions:
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October 1799

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Image 38 of 23012th July 1796

Middlesex House of Correction Gaol Delivery October Session 1799.

Thomas Bayles< no role > Disorderly
Maria Tate< no role > same
John Barnett< no role > &
John Brewer< no role > }same
Charlotte Walker< no role > This name instance is in set 1436. same
Ann Saunders< no role > same
John Ward< no role > Vagrant
John Hagen< no role > Disorderly
Susannah Whitner< no role > &
[mark] Sarah Bray< no role > }same
Thomas Pullifont < no role > &
John Pullifont< no role >
William Moore< no role > alias Colly< no role > same
Sarah Smith< no role > and
Eliza Atkins< no role > } Assault
John Hill< no role > same
Mary Maharney< no role > same
George Archer< no role > same
Christopher Jekins< no role > same
Thomas Mc Allister< no role > same
Michael Farrel< no role > Petty Larceny
Charles Ellis< no role > Disorderly
Henry Hancock< no role > &
Jacob Hancock< no role > } Assault
James Carrol< no role > Bastardy

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