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9th August 1710 - 13th November 1712

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The Examination and Confession of John Audry< no role > This name instance is in set 1266.
taken before us this 19th. day of Aprill 1712 .

Who Saith and Confesseth That on the fourth Instant Early in the
Morning he went to the house of Mr. Samuell Waller< no role > a Cheesemonger
in Thoames Streete London (Where an acquaitance of his One Elizabeth
< no role > had then very lately hired her selfe a Servant) and that he
then tooke, and Carryed away, four Silver Candlesticks, two Silver
Salvers, One Large Silver Plate, two Silver Perringers, fourteene
Silver Spoones, three Silver Castars, three Silver Salts, One Large
Silver hanging Candlesticke, One Silver Mugg, One paire of Silver
Sunffers and pan, One Silver Tankard, one paire of Silver Buckles,
[..] with some Linnen
& Severall Suits of Laced head Cloths and Ruffles, And being asked
what he did with the said plate and Linnen he Saith; he carryed
the plate to a privat houseinnext doore to the signe of the Black
horse in West Smithfeild , where One John Harding< no role > Lodges, who
melted the same that morning downe into Ingetts by time of
the Clocke, and this Examinant together with the said Harding
carryed the said Silver see melted as aforesaid to a Gold Smiths
neare St. Mary Axe in Leaden hall Streete , and there Sold the same
to him for four Shillings an ounce privately in his backe
Roome, and received for the whole parcell of plate One and forty
pounds or thereabouts, and this Examinant saws that he gone
to the said Harding Out of the said Money Tenn pounds for his
Honole, and further declares the said Harding knew the said
plate to be Stolen: And further alsoe declares that an Satterday night
last past, he Sold, one Suite of Laced pinners and three paire of
Laced Ruffles, to a Broaker woman next to an Alehouse in
Moore Lane, on the left hand side of the way for Twelve Shillings
and the Rest of the head Cloths and other Linnen, the above
mentioned Elizabeth Stiles< no role > kept for her owne use

Edram Nobis< no role >
Richard Bealing< no role >
Peter Lavigne< no role >
N: Conn

John Audrey< no role >

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