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14th December 1694 - 14th January 1696

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Image 2 of 15620th December 1694

10 Dec

The Informacon of Symon Thriscross< no role > of Ludgate
hill Goldsmyth taken upon oath this twentieth day
of December Anno Dim 1694

The Informant upon his oath Saith that upon Saturday the
First day of Decemb instant about seaven of the clock
in the Evening this Informants shopp or shew glass wth silver
buckles stone buckles silver buttons silver & agged knife
& other things to the value of Five & thirty pounds
was feloniously taken away from this Informants shopp
on Ludgate hill , that this Informant [..] having informacon
that one Thomas Dexter< no role > was [..] likely to be one that stole
the said goods, this Informt thereupon Quired the said Dexter
to be apprhended who confessed to this Informt that he
the sd Dexter John Murray< no role > Sarah Scott< no role > & John Farlow< no role > now
Psent wasall F [..] of th [..] altogether & stole the said goods
And further that the said John Farlow< no role > since he was taken &
in custody hath confessed to this Informt that two stole
the said show glass & things from off this Informts shopp

Jurat 20 o die Decembrs Anno Dim
1694 coram me Richd Milner< no role >

Simon Thriscross< no role >

The Informacon of Richard Farlow< no role > att the sigine of the
Plough in St John Streete victualler
upon his oath he saith that upon Sunday ye Somm day of
December instant the above named John Farlow< no role > pawnedtwo
one stone buckle for a shoe & one pre of [..] silver buttons for
a shirt to this Informt for two shillings, that the above
named Simon Thriscross< no role > owned the same to be his & to be Pre
of the goods to abovemenconed that new stolen from him

Jur die p Anno siged coram me
Richd Milner< no role >

Rich Farloe< no role >

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