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The Information of Hannah Boardman< no role >
Wife of Samuel Boardman< no role > Taken the 25th.
day of September 1784.

Who upon her Oath Saith That on the 22nd. day
of September Instant She was Committed to New
Prison Clerkenwell by Wm. Black< no role > borow Esq. for an
Assault upon one James Rivers< no role > That she was delivered
into the Custody of the Keeper of the said Prison about 11 o'Clock
the forenoon of the same day That one Elizabeth Leonard< no role >
who was Committed to the same prison on suspicion of
felony cause up to this Informant and told her if she
would get a Copy of her this Informants Commitment
she the said Elizabeth Leonard< no role > would get her Discharged
That this Informant said She had not money Enough
and the said Elizabeth Leonard< no role > advised this Informant
to Pawn her Stays and accordingly she sent her Daughter
with the Stays to pawn who brought to this Informant
Four Shillings and Six pence and a Duplicate that immediately
the said Elizabeth Leonard< no role > came to this Informant and said
Damn your blood give me the Money but of her hand you
old bitch and immediately Seized hold of her hand and forcibly
and Violently Took the Money from her at the same time
putting her taken hand forcibly to her Month to stop her
from Calling out Where by [..] her Mouth gushed with Blood

Sworn before me the
and year aforesaid}
D Walker< no role >

The Mark of
Hannah Boardman< no role >

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