Old Bailey Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

5th December 1771 - 16th December 1772

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Image 202 of 695 April 1772

Charles Kierman< no role >

[mark] 80 Edwd. Stack< no role >
Charles Swain< no role >
James Ealey< no role >
Constantia Ux Isaac
< no role > }
For Steal on 19th. Feby. last at St. Andrew
Holborn one Chest of Drawers Val 3ld. one Eight
Day Clock in a Japan Case Val 5ld. one Feather
Bed Val 40s. two Pillows Val 3s. one Coffee Mill Val
1s. two China Bowls Val 3s. one Sett of Cruetts &
Casters Val 4s. one Copper Pot Val 5s. two Copper
Saucepans Val 3s. & one Chacolate Pot Val 2s. of
Charles Kierman< no role >

Jno. Chapman< no role >
Dorothy Bell< no role >
Jos: Stevenson< no role >
Thos. Fisher< no role >

[mark] 81. John Tustin< no role >
William Siday< no role > }
For Burgl breakg. & enterg. the Dwelling
house of James Wallace< no role > Esqr. about the hour of
Two in the Night of 16th. Decer last at St. Giles
in the Fields & Stealing Nine Linnen Shirts Val
50s. four Linnen Stocks Val 4s. four Linnen
Bands Val 4s. Nine Linnen Towels Val 4s. one
Linnen Table Cloth Val 2s. of sd. James Wallace< no role >
one Muslin Aprons Val 9s. one Pr. of Muslin
Ruffles Val 9s. of Dorothy Bell< no role > Spr & one Mans
Hat Val 9s. of John Chapman< no role > in the same
Dwelling house

Richd. Dymot< no role >
John Egerton< no role >

[mark] 82. Edward Higgins< no role >
For Steal on 9th. March last at St. Mary le Strand
of one Ga< no role > . of Richd. Dymot< no role >

Phillip Freeman< no role >
Timothy Field< no role >
John Meredith< no role >

[mark] 83. William Blackiston< no role >
For Steal on 25th. April Inst At Fulham Six
Bushells of Coals Val 5s. of Phillip Freeman< no role >

Nicholas Jackson< no role >
Mary Watkins< no role >
Thos. Darling< no role >
John Gray< no role >

[mark] 84. Bishop Humphreys< no role >
For Steal on 18th. Feby. last at St. Leonard
Shoreditch Ten Firkins< no role > of Butter Val 10ld. of
Nicholas Jackson< no role > .

James High< no role >
Philip Morton< no role >

85. George Brunt< no role >
Not in Custody
For a Robbery on the Highway on James's High
on 6th. March last at Kensington & taking one
Mans Hat Val 2s. & one Linnen Handkerchief
Val 12d. of sd. James High< no role > from his Pson

Richd. Calvin< no role >
Willm. Hurlock< no role >

[mark] 86. William Atwood< no role >
For Steal on 1st. Jany. last at Saint Andrew
Holborn one Flock Bed Val 5s. two Blankets
Val 2s. two Linnen Streets Val 2s. one Ton
Boiler Val 6d. one Iron Frying pan Val 6d. & one
Tin Kettle Val 6d. of Richd. Calvin< no role > in a ready
furnished Lodging agt. the stat Etc.

John Webb< no role >
Charles Colston< no role >
James Hutton< no role >
Isaac Beard< no role >
Thos. Eversage
John Thomas< no role >
Wm. Gosling
Geo: Stanbridge
John Noakes< no role > This name instance is in set 1084. This set is in the group(s): BowStreetOfficers .
Richd. Bond
John Leigh< no role >
Henry Wright< no role >
Wm. Duncan< no role >
Charles Launder< no role >
John Commins< no role >

[mark] 76. Joseph Guyant< no role > This name instance is in set 1428.
Jos: Allpress als Allprice}
For a Robbery on the Highway on Thos.
Eversage on 13th. Octr. last at Edmonton &
taking 60 Leather Bags< no role > Val 20s. the property
of our Lord the King from his Pson

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