St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Letters to Parish Officials Seeking Pauper Relief

1758 - 1759

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September the 1736
ordered six I Sent letter month ago I said enter I am very Joney to be go
trouble Sum to you but I Canot help it for I am in gret ment of relivefi
from my perch I have no Wher els to Mack my Complements
or would not be So trouble Sum to you nor the gentleman of sent
deians back Church nor Anney more eles but thers non having tier
every thing is at great prise but matter their is none knows what
poines I do beer in my limes and I Can [..] not sent sum time
for the ruptor but I do keep my Contyenes as well as
I can reles I Should be Sent to my perch before non
end if the gentleman Will be so good as to send met [..]
gunyes the frust oportunenitye or I must go the officers of this
perch for I am in sum Let her and when they Will Come to know
that I do belong to S1 the parch they will hunt me from her
as the did from [..] then I must Come to London
I but I do neither have to gunyes hair if you bliss to
tack the trubel to Send me letter when the money is [..]
that I may go end look for it and not them have to such
trouble to look for me I Can Come to Soslore in the Castte
that Caryes the Wsebes and the flannes to mr foullus then
he my See me and hee may Satisfy you of my inform
no mor from A poour paper Catherine Jones< no role > This name instance is in set 3773.
deerect for me att William mories< no role >
nor [..] noon lembye Sier
north Walls I hop to have relife
Sown from you then I Shall be
bound to Prey for my frins

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