St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens' Vouchers/Receipts

7th May 1727 - 1st June 1748

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Image 19 of 138230th October 1730

The Collector John Schoeler< no role > of the Parish of St: Dionis Backchurch
Dr: to James Spackman< no role > Churchwarden of the said Parish of the Poors tax for ye 4 first pages
Collected by him from lady day 1730 & Ending at Lady day 1731as appears
by the Original book of the Poors tax approved of by the Worshipfull Alderms
Rd. Hopkins & Henry Hankey< no role > Agt. for ye 4 first pages in ye said Book Cr.

To ye Amount of the first page£40:6:-
To ditoof ye Second page£26:13:-
To ditoof ye Third page£63:5:4
To ditoof ye fourth page£40:410:4
To an addition of ye 4th: page to Kidgell's
house made Since ye book was mad [..] }
A £172:9:4

48..10-8 [mark]
36..8-10 [mark]
36..17..11 [mark]
37..16-0 [mark]
6..11-1 [mark]
166..3..8 [mark]


By Cash paid Mrs Packman [mark] £48:10:8
By dito paid do [mark] £36:8-
By dito paid do [mark] £36:17:11
By dito paid do [mark] £37:16:-
By ¼ Short of MrMorris on page 3 [mark] -:8:8
By ¾ dito of MrKidgell on. do4 [mark] -1:6:-
By ¾ dito of Mr. R: Steedman on do [mark] £2:12:-
By ½ dito of Mr: Hen: Mastersononda< no role > . 4 [mark] £1:6:-
By ½ dito of Mr Jno: Clifton< no role > ond [..] [mark] -:13:-

By Ballance paid & recd by me of John
< no role > in full of this acct. [mark] £6:11:1
A [mark] £172:9:4

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