St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

5th March 1772 - 28th May 1795

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Image 86 of 44825th January 1781

At a Meeting of the Church Wardens &
Overseers at the Vestry the 25th Jany. 1781

PresentJno Hawkins< no role >
Jno Colebrooke< no role > }
Church Wardens

Mr. Pope< no role >
Mr. Hudson}

Cath Bryan< no role > 12..-
Dinah Ebrall< no role > 10-
Eliz Lee< no role > 3..-
Ann Woodal< no role > 2..-
Sar. Davis2..-
Eliz Vincent< no role > 4..-
John Webb< no role > 2..-
Jane Lewis< no role > 2..6
S. Branch 1..-extra Husband very ill
no Rule

Mary Connell< no role > 2..-
2..-..6 Ex

Order'd Clement Lassell to be received
into our house at Hoxton and
not to allow his Wife any
Mary Corbits want a Pr. of Shoes and 2 Shifts

N3 agree'd to give Jos. Comber 2..2
an Appentice fee for taking Mary Mantle

Charlotte Dionis< no role > This name instance is in set 14441444. Aged about 19 Years
Subject to fitts out of place and now with
nursh Collep


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